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Welcome to, Your Gateway to Receivables Recovery

Merchants Financial Guardian, Inc. is a full service debt collection company. Established in 1999 with many more years of experience in the field of credit and collection. Our state of the art computer system encompasses collection software and skiptracing functions that will allow total efficiency and immediate results on your assigned claims. Once the collection process has started, we report our collection results within the first two (2) weeks of assignment.

While not every account can be collected, our guarantee to our customers is that each claim will meet with our highest standard and professional approach. Should your debtor have the assets to pay but refuse to do so, litigation will be immediately recommended. Our attorney has over thirty years of experience in collection law and has a network of associate attorneys throughout California.

We have developed a national network of attorneys for forwarding to other states those difficult collection accounts. With our innovative litigation software, we are able to process lawsuits in-house and have our attorney service deliver them to all California courts within the same business week.

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